De Lorenzis Group was established in 1973 in Racale (Lecce), dealing with the design and implementation of
furniture in Lecce and specializing
in different sectors of activities, ranging from fitness centres to resorts, from the pools to any environment you would like to design and furnish.

Over time, in order to open up to wider and more demanding markets, De Lorenzis has made use of new professional
figures and of the latest technologies, in addition to more suitable administrative and commercial tools.
It now looks to customers with three distinct production lines:

-Handcrafted swimming pools

-Wellness Design

-Outdoor Design

Identity of the company is the design and construction of indoor and outdoor wellness spaces with turnkey service.

Mission is to create a perfect combination of craft skills and innovative materials to be applied to the world of wellness and design to create products with high performance building techniques.

Vision is to want a future in which respect for the environment constitutes the basis for every intervention.

Team of carefully selected professionals for the passion and the dynamism of their own ideas in the coordination and creative direction.


“… The idea that becomes Project and then Shape …”

De Lorenzis is aware of how much the harmony between shapes, colours and materials is a fundamental and indispensable element for setting up a space, so that it can totally satisfy who live it, in the case of a
family environment, or the message that a business activity wants to convey.

The image is very important at first glance and it’s essential to furnish the spaces so that they can express originality, freshness and comfort, especially
for a store that wants and needs to communicate with the customer mainly through the visual channel.

Commercial spaces set up by De Lorenzis take account of trends and market developments; always putting the desires of the customer at the centre.

De Lorenzis group values are:





Warning: the attention to detail as well as the continuous search for customized solutions are a prerogative of De Lorenzis Group to meet in the best way the needs of all its customers.

Fairness: fairness, good faith and loyalty are the values that inspire the company members in the relationship with anyone they interact with.

Trust: a positive attitude and trust to people allows the company to accept new challenges with enthusiasm and achieve ambitious goals.

Reliability: professionalism, expertise, experience and quality of service make De Lorenzis group a reliable organization and a valuable partner to rely on.