The EPS world in our productions

The EPS is the raw material used to manufacture our products, for whose production
we have advanced equipment and technology products for the finishing and assembly.

The EPS consists of rigid expanded sintered polystyrene which has a minimum weight, ensuring to the most complex constructions an unthinkable lightness, in addition to strength and durability.
The EPS is processed with numerically control machines and allows the designer to choose between a very large number of shapes and finishes, it doesn’t spread flames in case of fire.
The EPS insulation is 100% and for this reason we use it for the realization of SPA in Lecce, but also of swimming pools, wellness centres and bath tubs for the optimal maintaining of the heat inside the structures.
The EPS provides, therefore, an absolute quality in the creations, in custom design, in reducing the weight of the structure and timing of construction, it’s waterproof and it’s possible to cover it with plaster or tiles of any kind.

Our polymer resins – Technical products

Appropriately designed by our technicians to the finish of our swimming pools, SPA and bathtubs.

Products with constant immersion in water surfaces, with countless colours and effects created specifically by our craftsmen.

Resins for decorative finishing of interiors and exteriors and furnishings that not only adorn, but that provide strength and durability over time.
With a constant research, our technical department selects technological and innovative products for the processing, such as waterproofing systems, self-levelling
lightened foundations, primers, sealant latexes and mortars, cement and silicone products.