Perfection. Since 1973.

De Lorenzis designs and transforms your rooms
into an immediately usable space, taking care of all phases of the creation.
Through the innovative formula Design & Build, the company follows
all aspects of the production process, from the starting project to its accomplishment.
It is important to customize the space
in such a way as to make it as close as possible to one’s desires, with any distinction
of the way it is used for (home, office, shop or any other business).

Excellence takes shape.

De Lorenzis guarantees a very high quality
product, through technical and operational coordination, a careful choice of
materials and finishes, a strict control on manufacturing process
and the precious work of its craftsmen of decades of experience.

Each work starts from presentation of graphic tables
of the project, followed by detailed estimates of times and costs, by the selection
of the best suppliers and the constant supervision of the staff, ensuring a perfect
match between what was proposed and what is created.